Better late than never

Do you ever get tired of reading this blog? I mean, do you ever wish you could simply listen, or maybe just watch rather than use precious brain power to decipher letters into words into sentences into paragraphs into sense? Well, you are in for a treat today!

You may recall how, last year, a string of guest bloggers waxed poetic about dates, and being vegetarian, and choosing the correct tool with which to spread peanut butter on Dispatches from the Dinner Table. There was another guest lined up, waiting in the wings, but his post didn't materialize. Until the other day, when (over a year later) it showed up in the form of a link to a video he had made. A 13-minute-long video just for Dispatches from the Dinner Table! I must admit I was quite impressed.

So, allow me to introduce you to my latest and greatest guest blogger Cameron: He's a schoolteacher and serious Canucks fan. He is very fun to banter with, can recount all sorts of movie trivia and is allergic to apples (among other fruit). He loves competition and Snifty Snakes (among other games). He likes beer, and sleeping, and also cats. He dislikes cilantro, cleaning (as you will soon see) and loud chewing. You can hear more of Cameron on What's the Deal, a podcast series in which Cameron and his friends Patrick and Chris discuss every single episode of Seinfeld. 

Now, prepare yourselves for cooking as you've never seen it before!


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