You don't know me!

Or maybe you do.

But do you know that I can't snap my fingers?

That I prefer waffles to pancakes?

I just finished a cheese-making internship with the fine folks at Farm House Natural Cheeses.

Though I still eat Cheese Whiz. (No, I am not ashamed and will never stop).

I have a bike named Nikki, sometimes called Nikki-san, other times Medium Grain Rice, who I adore.

I also have a car named Putt-Putt who I tolerate. Barely.

I love blood pudding.

And champagne.

I was born at 2:22 in the morning.

And I can sing every single word of American Pie.

There, ten things you never knew about me.

Thank you to Murissa for inviting me to participate in this meme. It may have taken me over a month to finish but better late than never, right? Right?