A snack to attack

I've finally wrangled my boyfriend David into handing over his guest blog entry. About time! He invented a snack to put all other snacks to dirty, rotten, blushing, bashful shame.

David is over 6 feet tall, has preternaturally curly hair and can eat a jar of peanut butter in less than 3 days. He loves farming, dogs (especially Matty) and making huge batches of popcorn. He likes long walks, baths and stealing all the covers. He dislikes whininess and being told what to do. David also has a blog which he hasn't updated in a donkey's years.

And here he is:

It's hard to remember this memory having already overlaid it with several weeks of snacks, but what the hay, I'll give it a try!

It was midday and as happens around the time, I was hungry. I rustled through the cupboards and our fridge - oranges, apples, an avocado, tins of sardines, a bag of cashews. All excellent snacking material! It just goes without saying though that sometimes events in life don't unfold along the creases. Sometimes you have time, dates and a greasy jar of peanut butter in the drawer.

Fire on a Log

To spread the peanut butter I'd recommend using a fork - the back of its teeth to be exact. This gives your peanut butter a fiery look, leaving the impression of a log burning - hence the name of this snack.

The adventuresome might try stacking this treat on a slice of organic dairy such as mild or aged cheddar cheese.

Organic raw dates, pitted
Organic crunchy peanut butter, well-stirred

Using a fork, smear a generous amount of peanut butter onto each date, filling the hollow where you removed the pit. Eat.

Make as many as you want to make.

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