Swooning for sardines

I like to try new things. So much so that I often don't eat the same thing. But, there is one meal that I have and will most happily eat over and over and over again. I owe its advent to two separate sources. Number one: The Wednesday Chef and her snack of sardines on mustard-streaked Triscuits. Number two: a simple open-faced sandwich on Food52. I simply smashed the best of both worlds together (mustard, sardines and avocado) on my preferred medium (toast) and dropped the non-essentials (like mayonnaise, since I'm not the kind of person who keeps a jar of the stuff about the fridge - though at the moment I am living in just such a household and I kinda love it).

I like this for breakfast and, while that may not be for everyone, I urge you to try it, just once!

Sardines, Avocado and Mustard on Toast

This falls more under the rubric of suggestion than recipe. You choose what kind of bread to use (I prefer a really seedy, wholesome sort of loaf), how much nostril-clearing mustard you can stand, and what kind of sardines to use. I strongly suggest finding ones that are packed in olive oil - they are far superior than those specimens that come in soybean oil. Awhile ago I took a chance on a slim, black tin of sprats. I didn't know what to expect but holy moly! Tinier than sardines, less bony and with a hint of smoke, they are flat-out luscious! Anyway, try them if you can, use a whole avocado if you want. You're the boss.

2 slices bread
1 tin sardines, preferably packed in olive oil
mustard, to taste
1/2 ripe avocado
fleur de sel

Toast your bread as you prefer. I like mine with a top layer of crunch but still slightly soft and chewy interior. While your toaster does its thang open the can of sardines but don't drain them (unless you are using the far inferior water or other-random-oil-packed type). When your toast is ready, spread with as much mustard as you like. Scoop out the avocado, divide between the slices and smoosh it in (yes, sorry, you need a knife, fork and spoon for this thing). These are open-faced sandwiches by the way. Haul the sardines over the avocado and smash them in. Drizzle a bit of their oil on top, if you like, or some non-sardine-infused olive oil, if you don't. Finish with a sprinkling of fleur de sel and there you have it - a breakfast to beat 'em all!

Serves you.

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