Sunshine and the snow

Oooo sunshine. You are my sunshine!

What's been going on around here?

Well, David found a juicer for our kitchen and I've been loving fresh rainbowed drinks every day. My favourite so far was the first I ever put together - a carrot, cucumber, ginger and lime concoction.

I made this awhile ago:

There were rye berries and a whole whack of other stuff that, unfortunately, escapes me now. I see some cauliflower, maybe some kale? I do remember calling it a "rye berry ramble" though.

I followed a convoluted recipe (for Moroccan Chicken with Carrot Puree) but my way and it was simple and awesomely delicious! I grilled some mutton chops. I got gristle stuck in my teeth and couldn't find any floss in the house. I did a lot of things with oats - chocolate granola and yeasted pancakes, farls and pumpkin seed candy bars. I made a ham, which I can really recommend, because of all the jokes you get to make. I fell in love with delicata squash. I got excited about baking with interesting, whole-grain flours (barley and teff, quinoa and rye). None of the muffins I baked met my expectations but I am still excited about interesting, whole-grain flours. I tried barleywine and had a Japa Dog, finally! I ate lots of fresh things from our weekly "box" and I started really, truly, cooking whatever I wanted.

I thought Spring was here but February is a fragile month.

There was a lot of snow, suddenly.

But it melted and now the sun shines again. March is here!

What's been going on around there?

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