In five minutes flat

So! Couscous. What could be better for this time of year? It takes all of five minutes to cook and tastes fine hot or cold but especially in-between. Bring it camping in the deep, dark woods, to a sand-streaked beach picnic, a summery backyard potluck. It's equally happy to be the star event or wait in the wings. Throw in what you will - mangoes, sausage, dill - it'll shrug, take it in stride and still manage to be effortlessly delicious. (Although, please note, I'm not necessarily suggesting you combine those three ingredients together).

I made a particularly superlative batch about a week ago and, of course, I hardly kept track of how much of this and that I tossed in. (I must be on summer vacation). So, in lieu of a proper recipe, I'll refresh your memory on how easy-peasy couscous is to make, then mention what I used my last go-around. If you are intrigued, try it yourself. Or invent your own combination. Whatever you concoct, will you do me a favour and tell me all about it?

Your Basic Couscous

1 1/4 cups water, or appropriate stock
1 cup couscous

Bring the liquid to a boil in a medium saucepan. Stir in the couscous, slap on a lid, turn off the heat and let sit for five minutes. Once five minutes have elapsed, fluff up the grains using a fork. Transfer to an appropriate dish to mix with your chosen ingredients and a dressing. Toss and enjoy.

Enough for 2 to 4, depending on what goes in, and whether it's a main meal or simply a side dish.

I made a dressing with honey, boysenberry vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. I added finely chopped preserved lemon, pitted and halved Moroccan olives, thin slivers of sweet red onion, toasted chunks of almonds, wedges of a juicy, ripe pluot and a good amount of chopped parsley, mint and basil. I ate it with some flatbread, grilled eggplant and creamed feta.

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